Ironing & Housekeeping

Find The Best Ironing & Housekeeping Services in Canberra With Mint Cleaning Group!

Want to go for a vacation, but you are worried who would be there to look after your home? Do you have a busy schedule and you cannot manage to look after your house or even ironing your clothes? If yes, you need to get assistance from a professional housekeeping service in Canberra that could handle your chores in your absence. Wondering whom you should trust to involve in your home activities? Keep all your worries aside as Mint Cleaning Group is right here for you.

Being a professional cleaning group, we are aware of all the necessities of life where you would need our assistance. We are not only meant to facilitate you with cleaning services; rather we aim at making your lives easier by all means. Therefore, we offer our Ironing & Housekeeping services to help you with your routine chores.

Housekeeping Services in Canberra

Mint Cleaning Group was developed with a vision to provide top-notch cleaning and housekeeping services and to make your lives easier by handling your routine chores. We know how expensive it is to hire a dedicated maid or a team of maids for managing the everyday housekeeping works. Therefore, we offer our astounding housekeeping services to provide you with a comfortable living.

At Mint Cleaning Group, we have hired a skilled team of professional housekeepers who are well aware of the ins and outs of housekeeping cleaning and managing household chores. They are capable of handling every big and small task so that you will not feel a change in your routine setup.

Washing and Ironing Service

Washing and ironing clothes are among the most dreary and tiresome home tasks that chip off a major chunk of time from your schedule, alongside creating a lot of mess and requiring more effort to be completed. Many of you who have a busy schedule might be wondering ‘I should approach some ironing services near me to handle my activities’.  Well, this indeed is a good idea to hire someone else to help you with these dull and boring activities. However, at Mint Cleaning Group, we are dedicated to serving our customers in every aspect. Hence, we offer a wide range of cleaning and ironing services so that you don’t have to worry about ironing or washing your clothes anymore. Our ironing services include:

Laundry Ironing Service

Washing clothes is indeed a time-consuming activity that leaves you exhausted after you are done with it.

With our dedicated services, you don’t have to worry about managing the laundry and ironing of your clothes, since our staff will be there to help you in this work. What you will have in return are well-washed and ironed clothes, ready for you to wear.

Domestic Ironing Services

Are you running short of time to get your clothes ironed before going to the party? Or you are in a rush to leave for a business trip, and need ironed clothes? Regardless of whatever the situation is, feel free to get to us for the best ironing services at any time.

With our local ironing services, you will be benefitted with the work of fast and expert staff that take great care while ironing your clothes. They are capable of handling ironing all sturdy and delicate clothes paying attention to every detail to deliver a perfectly ironed wrinkle-free garment to you.

Can I Find Your Housekeeping Services Near Me?

Of course, you can. Mint Cleaning Group is based in Canberra, but the radius of our services extends out to serve the customers from other areas as well. So, whenever you wish to avail our cleaning and ironing services, feel free to approach us at any time with full confidence for the same day availability of our services. Our 24/7 customer support representatives will be right there to assist you in the best possible manner.