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Posted on November 1, 2020

Carpet stains can be a pain to get out. It might seem like a hassle figuring out the best method of stain removal that won’t hurt your carpet in the process. Carpet cleaning is frequently done incorrectly, which can cause stains to reappear on your carpet. This is why its important from time to time to get professional carpet cleaners in to ensure that its been done thoroughly and the right way, getting in for a deeper clean than regular home remedies do. There are two common types of stains that are likely to reappear after you’ve cleaned them for the first time or even if you are regularly cleaning your carpet.

Only the Surface Is Clean

It’s possible that you got the stain off the surface of your carpet, but not the rest of it. This is especially common in thicker carpets, as the stain can sink down past the top parts of the carpet’s fibres. Most stains won’t just sit on the surface of the carpet.

You might be able to remove some of these stains through store-bought stain removal sprays, but some causes of stains might be harder to remove. For those stains, you will have to use a different cleaning method such as steaming or shampooing.

Another common reason that stains reappear is when the stain reaches to the bottom of the carpet, and settles in the carpet pad. This usually cannot be reached by store-bought stain removers.

Even though it would be difficult to remove a stain from the carpet pad by yourself, it’s still a fixable problem. Just like those hard to remove stains that don’t reach the carpet pad, you’ll have to use either steaming or shampooing to get the stain out.

How to Remove Carpet Stains

Small stains can be removed with spot cleaner that you can buy at most stores that sell other home goods or cleaning supplies. These are sprayed onto your carpet, left for a few minutes, and then blotted off the carpet.

A carpet steam clean is the most effective way to permanently remove stains from your carpet. Steam cleaning works by infusing your carpet with very hot steam. The steam breaks down any dirt and other particles that are causing the stain and removes them.

Shampooing your carpet is another great method of removing carpet stains. It takes longer than steam cleaning because it is a more intense method. When shampooing your carpet, the entire carpet is dampened, and then is lathered with soap. The soap is then washed out with more water.

This is a great way to remove stains, but there is a significant amount of time that will have to be dedicated to drying the carpet, as opposed to the faster method of steam cleaning.

How to Prevent Reappearing Carpet Stains

Preventing stains in your carpet can be difficult. Even if you go through great measures to not create stains in the first place, it’s bound to happen at some point.

Once you get a stain in your carpet, the best way to prevent it from reappearing is to clean it thoroughly right after it happens and keep cleaning it regularly. This ensures that the stain has very little time to seep further into your carpet, and that it won’t dry. Once either of these happen, it will be a lot harder to remove.