Strata Cleaning

Mint Cleaning Strata Cleaning Services in Canberra

Relying on someone else to look after your own property for clean-up and maintenance is indeed a risky matter, particularly when you are fond of including elegances in your lifestyle and living areas. Finding a reliable and experienced person who can assure you the safety of your place is difficult. Nevertheless, once you find dependable strata cleaning service, you will cherish the joy of having an attractive outlook.

Mint Cleaning Group, a premium cleaning company from Canberra, gladly offers its strata cleaning services ensuring customer comfort. Leveraging our years of experience, we assure superior cleaning services making our clients satisfied with the work. We are fortunate to be adorned by skilled strata managers who are adept at strata maintenance.

Why Should You Approach A Strata Cleaning Service?

Strata Cleaning and maintenance requires profound expertise and sincere efforts which everyone cannot provide. Therefore to manage and maintain the outlook of your strata title property, it is wise to hire specialized services. They usually are professional and trained strata caretakers who will look after your property with keenness. They are the ones who will handle the people using the common areas, as well as take responsibility for the maintenance and preservation of the common property areas included in your strata title.

A Proficient and Affordable Strata Management Service

Mint Cleaning Group is one of the topmost strata cleaning services from Canberra that is dedicated to providing an excellent cleaning experience with utmost proficiency and professionalism. With a highly skilled and diligent team of strata managers, we have been serving in the field for more than two decades. It is because of our quality work that the sphere of our dedicated customers is increasing day by day.

Striving to provide a cleaning facility par excellence, we make sure the same day availability of our strata cleaning facilities, that too, on an affordable range for the people at large. Therefore, we have carefully devised our pricing plans that will not cost you a fortune. In fact, the superb results which you get from our work will, in return, pay you back!

We Offer An Array of Quality Cleaning Services

As we endeavour to offer the most impressive strata cleaning services, we, at Mint Cleaning Group, believe in expanding our skills and expertise to almost every area of quality cleaning. Hence our range of services regarding strata cleaning extends out to cover various activities including, but not limited to,

  • Cleansing and dusting of common areas
  • Common area vacuuming
  • Cleaning and cobweb removal from car parks, lights, hallways, etc.
  • Cleaning and mopping hard surfaces
  • Scrubbing and polishing hard floors
  • Maintenance of the areas surrounding the letterbox, waste bins
  • Cleaning bins and removing litter from common areas
  • Cleaning and maintenance of communal washrooms
  • Glass and window cleaning
  • Cleaning lifts and stairways

A Service Beyond Mere Cleaning Contracts – We Care For Your Asset!

We, at Mint Cleaning Group, have teamed as a firm to provide the most professional and inclusive strata cleaning services. In our work, we do not curb our focus mainly on the cleaning and sanitization aspect. Rather we keep in view all the health and environmental impacts of cleansing procedures. Therefore, we never use any harsh chemical or cleansing solution that can be detrimental towards the environment. Instead, we prefer using natural products that aid in enhancing the effects of our work, leading towards meaningful results. Moreover, our skilled strata managers extend out their services beyond conventional strata management to caretaking, gardening, and maintenance as well.