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Posted on November 20, 2023

Whether that stain on your carpet is from last year’s Christmas party or your beloved child or pet, you’ve probably tried everything to get rid of it. Perhaps you’ve even positioned a piece of furniture over it, but even so, you’ll always know it’s there. Here’s how professional cleaning and remove carpet stains

Unfortunately, most household products can’t handle tough stains, even if you take action immediately. There’s good news, though! A professional carpet cleaning team with the right equipment and experience can rid your carpet of both spots and stains.

Why Professionals Have Better Success at Removing Stains

Removing Carpet Stains

While there’s no guarantee that a stain will be gone forever, your best chance at removing a stain is to call in the professionals.

Regular carpet cleaning can help to reduce the risk of stains from setting in, but overall, household products are only capable of cleaning the carpet surface. Professional steam cleaning equipment is designed to loosen and extract the stain at its deepest point.

The Mint carpet cleaning team has the tools, skills, and knowledge needed to not only clean the top layering of your carpet but also the padding where stains tend to set in. These technicians are equipped to remove visible spots as well as set-in stains that an at-home solution just can’t handle.

Proven Stain Removal Methods Used by Mint Professionals

Steam cleaning, also known as hot water extraction, is a proven method for carpet stain removal.

With this technique, an experienced Mint professional pre-conditions the carpet to liquefy built-in dirt, dust particles, and debris. The affected area is then sprayed with hot water to loosen and dislodge the unwanted particles, which are then removed using a high-power vacuum.

In addition to stain removal, steam cleaning your carpets comes with a lot of benefits. This method can help to remove unwanted allergens from your home, like dust, pollen, and pet hair. It’s also extremely effective for ridding your home of unpleasant odours.

How to Reduce the Risk of Stains on Your Carpet

The best way to get rid of stains is to prevent them from happening in the first place! Of course, accidents happen, but there are still plenty of ways to prevent stains from setting in:

  • Avoid eating or drinking in the carpeted rooms of your home.
  • Keep pets out of carpeted areas, or at the very least, take action to potty train your pet.
  • If an accident does happen, take action immediately. Stains are much harder to remove if they’ve had time to set into the lower padding of your carpet.

Need Carpet Stain Removal? Get In Touch Today!

There’s no denying that professional carpet cleaning is the best way to remove carpet stains. If you want your carpet to keep that brand-new look, investing in professional carpet cleaning is a must, so get in touch today for a free quote from Mint Cleaning Group!