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Posted on February 1, 2024

Regularly vacuuming your home comes with a lot of benefits. In addition to keeping carpets neat and tidy, vacuums are extremely useful for reducing allergens that can be harmful to your health, like pollen, dust, and dander.

Although there’s no denying the importance of vacuuming, many people are wondering whether or not it’s essential to vacuum before a professional carpet cleaning. Keep reading to find out!

vacuum carpets before professionals arrive

Why You Should Vacuum Before a Professional Carpet Cleaning

It is indeed important to vacuum your carpets prior to a professional carpet cleaning. Vacuuming beforehand can actually improve the cleaning process and help the technicians to achieve better results – AKA, a cleaner carpet!

More Efficient Carpet Cleaning

Over time, the fibers within your carpet capture tons of dirt, debris, and even living microorganisms like dust mites and bed bugs. Vacuuming helps to loosen some of these unpleasantries, which makes it easier for the carpet cleaning technician to remove.

Vacuuming before a carpet cleaning also helps the cleaning agents to penetrate the inner fibers and lower padding by loosening dirt, debris, and even set-in stains.

Prevents Clogging of Carpet Cleaning Equipment

Even though professional carpet cleaning equipment is designed with industrial-strength power, clogs happen. These machines are much stronger than household tools, sucking up everything in sight, and when there’s too much dirt, hair, and dust within your carpet, this can cause problems.

That’s why it’s important to remove as much dust and debris as possible before bringing in the steam cleaning equipment. This is especially true for homeowners with pets – just because you can’t see the pet hair in your carpet doesn’t mean it’s not there!

Speeds Up the Carpet Cleaning Proces

Vacuuming before a cleaning team enters your home is one of the easiest ways to speed up the entire process. By cleaning the area beforehand – not only by moving furniture, but also by vacuuming – these professionals can get to work immediately and be out of your hair sooner.

Saves Money

Most carpet cleaning companies who vacuum for you will charge a pretty penny for this extra service. Never assume that vacuuming is a free add-on; some companies charge as much as $100 just for vacuuming the carpets. You can easily save this money by vacuuming yourself.

Professionally cleaned carpets

Do Professional Carpet Cleaners Vacuum Before Steam Cleaning?

It’s rare to find a carpet cleaning company that will vacuum your carpets for you, and there’s a reason for this.

Most carpet cleaning companies, including Mint, ask customers to clear the area and vacuum before the scheduled appointment so that the technicians can focus on what really matters (steam cleaning the carpet).

By vacuuming before your scheduled appointment, you’ll not only be doing the technicians a big favor, but also yourself. This allows the technician to spend less time in your home, allowing you to get back to your day and get back on schedule.

How Often Should You Vacuum Your Home?

Vacuuming before a carpet cleaning appointment is essential, but this isn’t the only time you should vacuum. Experts say that it’s smart to vacuum at least once a week, and even more often for high-traffic rooms or homes with pets.

Carpets and rugs require more frequent vacuuming than hardwood flooring and tiling. Luckily, home vacuum cleaners have come a long way, and it’s now easier than ever to find an affordable, effective, easy-to-use vacuum that can help to keep your carpets clean.

Why Vacuuming Alone Isn’t Enough to Keep Carpets Clean

Although weekly vacuuming is a smart routine, it’s not enough to keep your carpets clean. Vacuuming is great for removing loose materials (dust, debris, pet hair, etc.) from the carpet fibers, but the only way to achieve a deep clean is through professional carpet cleaning.

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